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Entries: 24
15.04.2015 14:55, Lindsay from Altenau E-mail Homepage :
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18.03.2011 13:25, Don Burns from Piedmont, USA E-mail Homepage :
I found your site on Music Blogtrotter and I like it very much. I am disappointed that you do not provide an e-mail address for communication.

I also have a blues blog and I would appreciate it if you could take a look and consider adding me to your list of favorites. I choose my links based on merit and don't require them to share a link but I always appreciate the extra traffic that a pairing can bring.

My primary focus of my blog is to provide original compilations from an artist's catalog. I deal with both jazz and blues and the cracks in between like pre-rock R&B.

I'm also an administrator at Digital Meltdown Blogroll. Totally Fuzzy has the market cornered on daily blog updates but we are trying to scratch out a position as an aggregator that lists blogs by their specialties. We think that it is easier for a blues aficionado to find new blogs on our site than on anyone else. We had only 85,000 page views last month but the site had fallen into disrepair. With new blood on board we plan to make radical improvements. I don't know if we'll ever beat Fuzzy and I question the wisdom of using development cycles to compete with his daily update business; but I think we can stand as the source for finding blogs of interest. The next list update is early April and I'd like your permission to add your blog.

Thanks for listening,
Don Burns
URL: http://fourstepsfromtheblues.b>Four Steps From The Blues<
URL: http://try-to-be-amused.blogsp>Try To Be Amused<

30.07.2010 21:45, savvas :
περιμένω τηλέφωνο.

19.02.2009 12:43, Preacher E-mail Homepage :

06.07.2008 20:38, Berto xxx :
Having fun reading of your blog.

05.07.2008 14:20, lottery raffle :
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05.07.2008 12:53, dimis :
Thank you for visiting my pages. I would love it if you would add your comments to my guestbook!

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Entries: 24
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